Two splendid world champions in long distance

The last but one event of the World Orienteering Championships in Lausanne allowed Simone Niggli-Luder and Olav Lundanes to flaunt their talent. These finals, which take place in upper Lausanne, gave many athletes the opportunity to run for a second medal at the 2012 WOC.

Today, the Norwegian Olav Lundanes took the best on his opponents, finishing almost 3 minutes ahead the Swiss Matthias Merz. On that occasion, Lundanes wins his second gold medal in long distance after Trondheim in 2010. The Norwegian athlete had a clear victory, leading the race from start to finish. The Swiss Matthias Merz, silver medalist, won a second medal at these World Championships in Lausanne, after the silver in the sprint last saturday. The Latvian new middle distance world champion Edgars Bertuks, with an extraordinary finish, completes the podium.

During Simone Niggli’s run, the spectators went through every emotion. After a good start, the Bernese runner made a mistake which revived the race and brings back the memory of her misadventure in the middle distance. Strong of her experience, Niggli didn’t let herself distracted by this error and won in Mauvernay her 19th world title. The Finnish Minna Kauppi, recent world champion in middle distance, took the second place, thanks to a magnificent end of course. Annika Billstam, third on the podium, won her second bronze medal of these World Championships in Lausanne.

On Saturday, the athletes will meet again at the Chalet-à-Gobet for the Relay, which will bring the WOC 2012 to an end. The women on 17,7 km and the men on 20,7 km will try to finish this week of competition the best way possible. Given the form displayed by the athletes these past few days, the Relay promises to be an exciting competition. You can watch it live on “SF zwei” or in live-stream on the WOC 2012 website from 11h15.